Titanium Era


Check out our latest multicolored titanium designs called Timascus Titanium. Timascus is the combination of two or more titanium alloys fashioned in the same manner as Damascus steel used to make Japanese swords. We offer two different types of Timascus.

Colorful Timascus, aka White Timascus (CP Titanium and 6AL-4V Titanium). Various different colors are produced through the use of heat and anodizing on the 2 titanium grades). Each ring of White Timascus alloy has its very own distinctive colors and design. Do not choose anodizing for the Colorful Timascus, it already has color.

Black Timascus (CP Titanium and Zirconium). Its color is two-toned, when heated the Zirconium turns black and the CP titanium is a whitish grey. Each ring of Black Timascus has its own pattern making each piece very special and unique. Most of the models shown below are available in both the Colorful Timascus and the Black Timascus. No two rings are alike.

The Timascus rings can not be resized, if a different size is needed it is an automatic remake. The largest available ring size for the Timascus rings is American 11.5.