Titanium Era

Finish info

Titanium Era offers a choice of several different finishes FREE of charge: polished, satin, brushed and coarse finishes, these finishes reflect light differently and will change titanium’s appearance. Some ring models can also be finished with a dual finish.

There are some models (carved) in which we offer a sandblasted finish in the carving, this finish is subject to a $20.00usd fee. We also have a specialty finish available for the Dome model, called Florentine (+$100.00usd).

The inside finish of a ring is just as important as the outside. Titanium Era polishers carefully bring the inside of rings to a smooth polish for best comfort. All the ring s are made comfort fit.

Aircraft grade titanium is not invulnerable to scratches. Like any other metal, polished titanium will accumulate fine scratches with everyday wear. Satin and brush finishes are more resistant to these scratches compared to the polish finish.

If ring scratches become too apparent, refinishing the item will restore the original look. Titanium Era will refinish its titanium rings free of charge (except shipping) as long as you own your ring, as outlined in our ring warranty. Rings can also be refinished by a jeweler near you : the polish finish can be made to look new by most jewelry shops and some can closely replicate our satin and brush finishes.

Note: Do not bring your tungsten alloys ring to a local jeweler, they may not have the expertise to refinish your ring. Doing so would void Titanium Era's refinishing policy.