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Titanium Rings

Titanium Rings

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Titanium Era - Titanium Engagement Rings and Titanium Wedding Bands

Design and production of titanium rings

Titanium RingsTitanium Era designs and produces titanium rings and jewelry for men and women with aircraft grade titanium, platinum and gold, we can insert gemstones including diamonds, moissanites, rubies, sapphires and more. These products are made by our experienced craftspeople who are experts in the design and production of titanium jewelry with the highest CNC technology available in Titanium machining in conjunction with our team of jewelers and designers that give to all our rings the hand finished details.

We offer the largest selection of titanium rings ,bands, carved and sculpted rings and the best inlay setting in the world. Our men’s titanium rings, include inlays of Gold, inlays of platinum and inlays of silver. Our women’s titanium rings are available with tension settings, solitaire settings and burnish settings, with Diamond and gem stone options. This wide selection of titanium rings also includes colored anodized titanium rings, titanium with gold and titanium with silver.You can also design your own titanium ring and select matching titanium wedding rings. You’ll see that our quality and commitment to creating rings that are as attractive as they are durable, is unsurpassed.

We have something for every occasion, from fashion rings to engagement rings & wedding rings. From the rich gleam of gold to the sparkle of diamonds and gemstones, our rings collection has it all. Browse through our large collection of stunning and spectacular Titanium rings to find the ring that is right for you!

The search to find that perfect ring has come to a end, here you will find all sorts of Titanium rings with the enchantment of utter perfection. Titanium weddings rings are one of our most common selected by our customers. Our Titanium rings contain pure titanium and lustful gems and diamonds to suit her needs. We also have a big selection of titanium rings and titanium wedding rings for him. It amazes our customers when they see the true beauty titanium rings can contain. It has giving us great pleasure to see our customers come back and tell us how happy they are with the quality of the titanium rings and for making their wedding even more special. Our titanium rings are very popular!

Bring your unique vision to life with a one-of-a-kind design. Titanium Era specializes in creating finely crafted custom rings, including custom Titanium wedding rings and custom Titanium engagement rings, that are both beautiful and ethical. Our custom jewelry design team has designed thousands of custom engagement rings and wedding rings. contact us for a free quote and design your perfect custom Titanium ring today. We will manufacture your ring with the exact size for maximal comfort and you can pick from a wide range of widths, colors, stones, diamonds and finisheds.

Why a titanium ring?

Titanium is the hardest natural metal in the world. It is very strong, three times the strength of steel and much stronger than gold silver and platinum and yet is very light weight. Our titanium rings are also 100% hypoallergenic which means that it if safe for anyone to wear as it will not react to your skin. Titanium is immune to corrosive attacks by saltwater and marine atmosphere and exhibits exceptional resistance to a broad range of corrosive gases, acids and alkalis. Titanium is immune to microbiologically influenced corrosion and is physiologically inert and hypoallergenic, our men’s rings are particularly adapted for hard workers. Titanium is virtually non-magnetic, making it ideal for applications where electromagnetic interference must be minimized. Pure titanium is about as strong as steel yet nearly 50% lighter. When added to various alloys, its hardness, toughness and tensile strength can be increased dramatically. 

Titanium jewelry looks so elegant and sophisticated that people think that it is really expansive, this is not true. Titanium jewelry is very affordable; all the rings that you can find here will give you the style and presence of the traditional metals at a fraction of the price. 

Wedding Bands and promise rings in titanium

Your wedding band or engagement ring should be lasting for more than a lifetime. We have seen several times old diamond rings that are completely worn out, the only thing we could save was the diamonds and some of the gold. On the other hand your aircraft grade titanium ring will last hundreds of years. All jewelry items are not the same, a wedding band or wedding ring will be worn almost every day, meaning you will need that extra durable finish. Our titanium men’s ring will be worn for your whole career. No other wedding bands have a warranty like ours.

Not quite ready to get married yet but would like to give her something in the meantime ? Promise rings are the next best thing! Titanium rings have all sorts of different promise rings, and can assure you that she will be just as excited as if it where an actual engagment! With titanium rings you can signify your love and future devotions to her just as well as a titanium wedding ring or titanium egagment ring. With all sorts of designs and tesion settings titanium ring are the best fit. You can even add gem stones to make it that much more special and that much more vibrant! Surprise her with the future commitment today and checkout our website deals , know that even though a promise ring escalates to an egagment ring titanium rings are a lifetime memory to keep!

Titanium ring is more than just a fashion accessory. It can also be a symbol of commitment and the promise of wedding bells ahead. Our vast assortment of Titanium rings will come in handy when it's time to make that promise . When it's time to tie the knot, Titanium ring can definitely help you out in the bride and groom department, with Titanium wedding rings for him and her. Of course we won't leave you dry when anniversary time rolls around either. How about titanium ring eternity bands! What a great anniversary gift, if we say so ourselves.

An original and unique titanium ring for you

Want a Ring that defines you? Titanium rings can be customized to suit the personality that is you, From basic to complex customs Titanium rings have this unique way to be carve to sweet perfection and is completely exceptional! Titanium Ring and Titanium wedding rings have all sorts of popular designs, however if you would like something a little different Titanium rings can be adjusted to your liking. This fascinating type of metal is one of a kind and is very well profitable, with its great strength we can assure you that your personalized Titanium ring will be well protected forever.

Looking for something rare and unique? Titanium rings are a terrific reliable piece of Jewelry that is famous for their superior authenticity. Titanium rings last a lifetime, it’s durability and strength outlast any other regular ring. Titanium rings are most popular because of it’s terrific edge. Fascinating and very attractive Titanium rings have a look and feel like no other piece of jewelry. They are eye-catching and impressive; the perfect choice to reflect your individuality. All titanium rings and titanium wedding rings come with the comfort fit , also you can create your own titanium ring or titanium wedding ring with is to have that one of a kind forever. Choose a Titanium Wedding Ring, Promise Ring, Celtic Ring , Kanji Symbol Ring or even a text engraved band. Either way, you'll enjoy comfort and style while wearing the lightest, strongest, and most popular ring around.

Are you are looking for a titanium ring that is value-priced and different? Consider our Titanium ring carved selection, each Titanium ring will have the exact size, profile, finish, width and engraving selected by the buyer. Each ring is a unique creation, superior above silver and gold. Titanium rings are 30% lighter then platinum and 50% lighter then silver. Very durable and can be passed down to generation to generastion with great confindence!

Titanium rings are the new mainstream obsession, the growth of the demand is higher than ever, and with the holidays around the corner Titanium rings are the perfect gift! Titanium rings are perfect for children, adults grandparents and even for yourself! We also offer excellent Titanium wedding rings as well, want something that is next from ordinary? Your husband or/and your wife to be with be absolutely engaged! Unique as Titanium Rings are , you not only be 100% satisfied but also Titanium rings and Titanium wedding rings are a life time guarantee! With a lifetime warranty you can send in yoru Titanium Ring for a swift clean up and repolish free! So come and check out our website you would be impressed with our great selections.

Tired of seeing the same old ring in the jewelry stores? Stop wasting your time running to store to store and check us out on our website, Titanium Rings are the new superior and practical jewelry. With our interesting designs and attractive finish you will be amazed. Titanium Wedding bands are one of our specialties and we take great pride to be apart of the most important day of your life! With our wide selections of titanium ring and titanium wedding ring you will not need to step foot to another jewelry store again!

Men’s rings were a new term a few years ago, it meant a strong and less flashy ring. These days a men’s ring or mans ring is just about any ring that can be worn by a man. Welcome to me men’s rings site. Though we could say the same about women’s rings, the reality is different. Almost every model we have are ordered by women, so we could say the whole site is dedicated for women. That's why titanium is a fantastic metal to use for rings.

Titanium rings for a special moment

Is your child graduating? Want to give your special someone a gift to remember? Here at Titanium Era we have a wide selection for all sorts of occasions. For a child, for a mother, for a father or even for yourself! Titanium rings are a popular demand and long lasting. Titanium rings have a beautiful appeal that also matches who you are. Titanium wedding rings can be submerge with our titanium rings for a great look. If you like simplicity and still want rare our titanium rings can also become custom so that no one but you will have it! What is also great about titanium rings is that its last a lifetime, which its strength and durability it is perfect for tradesmen. Titanium rings are well protected, this gives our clients great satisfaction.

Titanium rings are exceptional for children of all ages, teenagers especially love titanium ring becasue it is low maintenance and has great strengh and durability. Wether your child is a strong athlete or a star dancer titanium ring can with stand any amount of imact. Titanium rings are one of the most popular products on the market, people of all ages love this vibrate and sesantional peice of jewelry. Not only would your child want it but he or she will have all their friends wanting one aswell! We have all sorts of different kind of titanium rings to suit your childs style and uniqueness. Have your child check titanium rings and we promise they will want one right away!

Titanium jewelry

Our titanium jewelry collection is really outstanding and for sure you will find all the rings for women and all the rings for men you can imagine. If you do not find what you are looking for tell us what you want and we will be happy to create this unique piece of titanium jewelry for you. The creativity of our designers is not limited to titanium rings and wedding bands, here you will find as well titanium bracelets, titanium pendants, titanium earrings, titanium chains, titanium cufflinks and more! Proudly designed and manufactured in North America!

Why Titanium Era?

Titanium era designs and manufactures all its rings and jewelry with the highest quality standards and all Titanium Era's products are sold directly online, so you do not have to pay the cost of distribution or retail, this is how you can have in your hands a beautiful and affordable titanium ring or titanium jewelry at reasonable price.

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